September Brings New Goals

Although I am still on my daily journey, I am so close to my 100 lbs.  I actually haven’t been on the scale in several weeks so I am unsure if I have actually hit it.

Coming into another new month, I will tighten up on my healthy meals and adding in some toning/strength training.

This journey of mine has been going on for years.  Even on my not so good days, I still manage to get back on track the very next day.  Never totally stray away, but just slow down and set smaller goals for yourself.  Life gets in the way sometime, but you still have to stay focus.  I did put it on in a day and its not coming off in a day. One day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time and a whole lot of prayers.

My workout this morning:

5 Indoor miles, 2 miles walking in place, arms w/ 4 lbs. weights, mopping the floor, washing clothes. 10,000 between 9:00 am-12:30 am.

Mercy………KEEP IT MOVIN! 🙂


Working on Abs

standing abs

Trying some different workouts to tone up somethings.  I have bad arthritis in my knees,  so i am limited sometimes with getting on the floor and getting back up.  Some of these exercises that I have started to do are in the picture above.  Remember there is always a modification to any workout.  Take the time to pull somethings up on youtube, pinterest etc. Never give up, just because you have limitations. Make it work!

What is your favorite work?

Food Labels/Serving Size

Reading food labels can be a confusing task. This breakdown is the perfect place to start as it prioritizes and explains each category within food labels.:

Personally for me, learning to read labels was a big help in the beginning.  I now read every food label.  I will even pull up like Subway, Applebees, Friday’s etc,  to help me make healthier choices, before i get there.

I always look to see what I can have most, in serving size and healthier. I don’t want to have 2 cookies, when i can have about 20 Goldfish crackers or a small ice cream cone (45 calories) apposed to piece of cake with all the frosting.  Should you have that piece of cake, make sure it’s a thin slice, not a hunk. So see learning and reading labels will help to make healthier choices.

Check out the serving size first and run your finger down the label. This will help make your finally decision to purchase or eat it.




Green Tea

Do you get in your daily green tea?  Green tea has wonderful benefits.  I usually will have a hot cup in the morning mid afternoon and with my evening snack.  Ice green tea with lemons works well when working out, something refreshing.   I will actually use green tea as my water for my green smoothies, give it some extra flavor.

My favorite: green tea, lemons, honey, ginger, cinnamon stevia.

Explore with green tea and tell me what brand you like the most!




One of the most important meals of the day.  This is my favorite breakfast. Scramble egg veggie mix. Spinach, tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers, turkey bacon and a cutie.  I saute the veggies just a little.  I like the crunch. I use a cap of extra virgin olive oil, season with Mrs.Dash and black pepper.

Happy Sunday!

Gym Time


Omg I haven’t been to the gym since high school. New equipment, new style, same grind. The gym is intimidating to me. I guess because of some of the restrictions with me knees. I was amazed as to what I could an couldn’t do yesterday. The machines I couldn’t do yesterday are on my list of goals now to achieve.  It felt as though I was a little week in some areas.

Thanks to my girl Vanessa for inviting yesterday and showing me the machines and omg the FLOOR workout.  Those will be on my list to work on as well.

Remember never give up on something you can’t do at the moment. Work on it one day at a time. Promise you will get there!


The Weekend


Stay busy on the weekends. A lot of temptations are out there.  I try to start my day with walking first thing in the morning, because you don’t know what your day may hold.  Activities that are good for the weekends: house cleaning, laundry, early or late day walk, going to the park, beach walk, do a walking tour, flea markets, craft shows, or a festival etc.  All of these have you moving and getting in your walking.

What are your plans today?

Happy Saturday!


Recently was given a Fitbit Flex as a gift. What a wonderful hot pink gift it is.  I was curious just as to how many steps I was doing a day.  Let’s just say, no where near the recommended 10,000 glorious steps they say we should be doing for an healthy active person.

I set out to reach this 10,000 steps a day goal.   My first day I reached 3,100 steps, day 2-5502, Day3-7037, Day 4-10,044, Day 5-10,468. See it takes sometime to work towards that 10,000 a day.  Like with anything, set small goals until you reach your big  goal.

Here are some of the things that I do to try and reach my 10,000 steps a day.

Once I get up in the morning, I try to stay on my feet, while getting dress, breakfast, lunch prepare etc. That is showing about 200 or so steps before leaving the house.

Most of the day I am at the front desk for about 8 hours with minimal steps. I try to stand and walk in the area of the desk, just to get the extra steps in.  I started parking further from the employee entrance so that I can reach at least 2,000 steps at work.

When I am home, on Tuesday & Thursday we have the workout group, so I get in great steps then.  If I am not at workout, I still do a 3 mile indoor walk, a few Wii Just dances, and line dancing to get my steps in.

Other ways to get your steps in:

Walking the dog, washing your car, taking steps, dancing, walking in place while watching TV, taking a walk around the block, walk in the park, zumba, Wii, Just Dance etc.

Are you getting in your steps?