Food Labels/Serving Size

Reading food labels can be a confusing task. This breakdown is the perfect place to start as it prioritizes and explains each category within food labels.:

Personally for me, learning to read labels was a big help in the beginning.  I now read every food label.  I will even pull up like Subway, Applebees, Friday’s etc,  to help me make healthier choices, before i get there.

I always look to see what I can have most, in serving size and healthier. I don’t want to have 2 cookies, when i can have about 20 Goldfish crackers or a small ice cream cone (45 calories) apposed to piece of cake with all the frosting.  Should you have that piece of cake, make sure it’s a thin slice, not a hunk. So see learning and reading labels will help to make healthier choices.

Check out the serving size first and run your finger down the label. This will help make your finally decision to purchase or eat it.




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